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Bowls Australia's National Officiating Structure

Bowls Australia's new accreditation process for officials was introduced on January 1, 2015 to educate participants to perform specific roles, including marker, measurer and national umpire.

The method of facilitation is consistent nationwide, with an increased focus on on-green activities for participants to practice their craft and greater interaction between participants and assessors during the courses.

Many State and Territory Associations, including Queensland, Victoria, ACT and South Australia deliver Presenters and Assessors training for the new course.

Under the new structure, assessment of umpires now focuses predominately on an individual's ability to perform the required tasks and measurements on the green, simulating real duties umpires perform on a daily basis, as opposed to the previous system which placed greater importance on written examinations.

Officiating Manuals are available through the E-Store.

Contact your STA for information on courses.  

To learn more about the new National Officiating Structure, click here.

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